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Improve Your Kitchen to Help Sell Your Home

My husband and I recently put our home onto the market, because we were expecting a baby and need to upgrade to something larger. When offers rolled in that were really low, we decided to ask our realtor why people thought the house was worth so much less than it was. He was honest and told us that he had heard our kitchen was a bit of an eyesore. He was right, but I had actually put off renovations because I knew we were looking to sell the home soon. We took the gamble and renovated our kitchen. It paid off! We received an offer that was near our asking price, and it made the kitchen renovations well worth it! I created this blog to help others struggling to sell their homes realize that a few small improvements can help you finally sell your home!

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3 Household Ingredients You Can Use To Clean Your Point-Of-Use Filtration Devices

Unfiltered water contains a number of microscopic organisms, chemicals and bacteria. If you live in a city then the water is filtered to a certain extent before it reaches your home. However, this water has not been filtered as thoroughly as the water you find in water bottles or that you get from a fridge. As a result, there are a number of chemicals still present in the water. An easy way to rid your water of any additional chemicals is by installing point-of-use filtration devices throughout your home. A point-of-use filtration device can be easily installed in sinks and showers. These devices are effective but have to be maintained regularly in order to work. Luckily, there are a few household ingredients you can use to keep your point-of-use filtration device in working condition.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered to be a multipurpose cleaner because it is effective in cleaning a wide variety of things like grease and food stains. Baking soda is not toxic, but it is extremely abrasive when it is used to scrub down contaminated surfaces. You can add the baking soda directly to the surface and clean it with a sponge. If you want to dilute the baking soda a bit you can mix it with water to create a paste.


Vinegar is an all-around household cleaner and is extremely useful for removing odors. Vinegar breaks down the hard water buildup and removes any additional dirt. The best way to apply vinegar is by letting your filtration device soak in a mixture of vinegar and water for a few minutes. You want to make sure to only use a few drops of vinegar to ensure that it does not begin to break down the device.

Lemon Juice

Lemons are effective in removing the build up of dirt, chemicals and other debris because of how acidic they are. The high acidity in lemon allows it to eat through many materials. In order to use lemon without it damaging your filter, you need to dilute it with water. The water will help to balance out the pH level in the lemon. Allow your filtration device to sit in the lemon juice mixture for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you can use a sponge to remove any remaining buildup.

Regularly cleaning your point-of-use filtration device is extremely important if you want to keep hard water away. As a result, use these household solutions to remove any buildup from your water filters.

For more information, contact a water treatment company like Valley Pump Inc.